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Forex Trend Following – 3 Steps to Catching the Mega Moves

Monday, February 16, 2009

The big Forex trends last a long time and you can lock into them and make huge profits yet, most traders fail to do this, despite the fact it makes such big gains. Let’s take a look at how to do it correctly…
Below you will learn how to do trend following the correct way.

1. Don’t Focus on Market Noise

Most traders lose because they try and catch small profits, they day trade or scalp or are so pleased when they have a profit, they take it. If you do this, you will lose or make marginal profits. The fact is any currency trader is going to have losses and to compensate for them, you need to have big winners.

The successful Forex trend follower can lose 50% of the time and still make huge profits, because his profits are far bigger than his losses.

Look at a Forex chart and you will trends that last for many weeks or months and if these can be caught and held, huge profits are the result. So how do you catch them?

2. Use Breakouts

The simplest way to catch big trends is to trade breakouts, to new highs or lows on a Forex chart. If you look at any Forex trading chart, you will see the big trends start and continue ,from these breaks and by going with them and holding them, you can make big gains.

3. Place Stops Outside of Random Volatility

Most traders don’t understand, that you need to trail your stop outside of random volatility if you want to win. The losing trader gets so excited that he has a profit, he wants to protect it, and he brings his stop up inside random volatility and gets stopped out of the trade. What happens next?

The trend continues for months on end, piles up thousands in profits and he’s not in.

Understand this, if you keep your stop back outside of the market noise, you will make a lot more money. Accept that at the end of the trend, you will give a bit back. You cannot predict when a trend will end so don’t try, if you caught 60% of every major trend, you would be very rich.

Forex trend following works and the big trends yield big profits.

If you focus on these high odds trades, you will trade less and make more money, with less effort.

If you trend follow Forex correctly, you can enjoy currency trading success and a great second or even life changing income – so try it and you maybe glad you did.

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